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What a sprite object is

Sprite objects are the most often used type of objects in GDevelop.

A sprite object allow us to display an image or to play a series of images as animation and therefore a sprite object can be used for many things in our games such as buttons, characters, platforms anything can be represented with an image can be a sprite object.

How to create a sprite object

When we create a new object we need to choose sprite object to create.

Once we have our sprite objects created, just right click it and select Edit object from the menu. It should open up the object properties window which is different for each type of object. In case of a sprite object we should see something like this

Add animation

Next we want to click the add animation button

And now we should see what a sprite object is all about.

On this screen we add images to our object by clicking on the plus symbol.

Next we need to browse our computer for an image and select one. Once it done, it should be displayed in the window.

.If we want we can leave it as is and then our sprite object going to display a single image once added to our scene. But we can also add additional images to create an animation

Name the animation

We can also name the animation above so later we can refer to this animation using it name

If we don't enter a name we need to use the animation number to refer to this animation.

Speed of the animation

We can also set the speed of the animation by changing the value by the clock icon The value we enter here is basically the elapsed time between each frame. 1 is 1 second but we can enter smaller values too such as 0.5 for example for faster playback.

Repeat the animation

By default every animation play only once, meaning when get to the last frame of the animation it will stop. In some cases it is preferred to repeat the animation, we can set the animation to loop by clicking the repeat icon to display loop Once an animation is set to loop, it is going to play continuously.

Add multiple animations

We can also add multiple animations by clicking the add animation button just like we did the first time, this way we can separate the different animations easily

Later we can switch between the animations using events.

Finally, to save out properties just click the Apply button in the bottom right corner. To add the sprite object to our scene just select it and click in the scene to add an instance of the object to our scene.


  • change sprite animation: Link
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List of examples coming soon

  • change animation frame on key press

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