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What a Tiles Sprite object is

A tiled sprite object allow us to display an image in a tile set and increase and decrease the size of the tile set by simply scaling the object in our scene. It could be useful for example to create platforms in a platformer game or a group of the same image without need to deal with multiple sprite objects.

Add a tiled sprite object

To add a tiled sprite object to our scene we need to select the Tiled sprite object from the list when we add a new object.

Open object properties

Next you want to open object properties by right clicking on the object and select Edit object from the list. In the window come up you should see something like this

Add an image

To add an image to the object, just click the Select an image field and choose an image from your local computer.

The selected image is going to be displayed in the preview window on the right

Change default size

We can change the default size of the tiled sprite object by changing the Default width and Default height value on the bottom

The default size effect how much of our image is going to be visible in the object. For example this is how my image looks like with object size 32×32

As you can see the image does not scale along with the object but make the image partially visible only. If I set the size of the object to 100×100 the tiled effect step in as the object size is bigger than the actual image and keep continue drawing the image to fill the empty space

Scale the object

You can get instant result by scaling the object in the scene editor and make it look exactly the way you need it.

We can also change the size of a tiled sprite using events and make gameplay more interesting this way.