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Ajouter une plateforme 'Jump through'

Ce tutoriel fait partie du tutoriel How to make a platform game mais vous pouvez également l'utiliser pour tout autre jeu de plateforme !

Pour l'instant, toutes les plateformes sont solides (c'est-à-dire « imperméables », mais nous pouvons également créer une plate-forme à travers laquelle vous pouvez passer.

Create the new object

Create a new Sprite object, add an animation and choose the image called bridgeLogs:

You can rename the object so that it's called SmallBridge:

Make it a "jump-thru" platform

For now the object is not considered as a platform. Open the object editor and switch to the Behaviors tab. Add the behavior called Platform. Finally, choose “Jumpthru platform” in the list when you click on the type field:

Launch the preview!

You can now launch a preview and see that you can jump on the bridge!

Also, as usual, don't forget to save your game!

Next step: add backgrounds objects

The level is still quite empty. Let's add some background objects to make it more pretty.
We'll then add coins to collect and enemies!

➡️ Read Add a background objects!