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 +====== About GDevelop ======
 +===== The developers =====
 +GDevelop was created by Florian "​4ian"​ Rival.
 +To contact me: [[Florian.Rival@gmail.com]]\\
 +You can also go on: [[http://​www.FlorianRival.com|www.FlorianRival.com]]\\
 +Check this [[https://​github.com/​4ian/​GD/​graphs/​contributors|GitHub page]] for other developers contributing to GDevelop.
 +===== Contributors,​ used technologies and thanks =====
 +In GDevelop, click on ''?''​ in the ribbon then on "​About..."​ to display more information about technologies and contributors.
 +Your contribution is also [[gdevelop:​documentation:​manual:​takepart|welcome]]!