Lights extension

Lights extension provides Light object and Light obstacle behavior.


Lights can be created and placed as any other object. You can change their color, radius ( in pixels ), intensity ( A high intensity will create a bright light ), and quality.

Quality represents the initial number of triangles that are going to be used to create the light. Be sure to set the quality to 4 at least. A high number will require more processing power. 16 is usually enough.

You can also choose if the light is a global light: Whereas a simple light makes things brighter, a global light makes the whole scene darker, excepting area covered by the light. Currently, only one global light can be used on the scene.

Simple light:

Global light:

Light obstacle behavior

You can add light obstacle behavior to objects so as to prevent lights passing through them. No setup is required.

Using this behavior on a lot of objects can lead to bad performance. You can instead activate this behavior only for objects which are near the light. For example :