The Automatic Network Updater Automatism

The Automatic Network Updater Automatism allows to automatically synchronize objects position/size/angle on different computers.

The Basics

This behavior works by automatically sending data concerning position, size or angle of the objects, or by updating these objects according to data received.

Using the behavior

In order to get the behavior working properly, each object to be synchronized must be identified by a unique number, which must be the same on all computers running the game. You can use the Generate objects' identifier action to assign a unique number to each object. In order to be sure that the identifiers are the same on all computers, you must call this action at the beginning of the scene or make sure that all objects to be used by the action are the same on all computers. You can manually attribute an identifier using the action Change object's identifier.

Be careful! If this action is used on more than one object, these objects will have all the same identifier. Make sure that only one object is used (For example, with a “For each object” event).

Once identifiers are generated, a computer must send the data, and the other only receive it. You can specify whether the computer should send the data (typically the computer hosting the game) or receive it (typically a client joining the online game).