Events Editor

In the Events Editor you can design how a scene works.
Events are presented in a list, with conditions on the left and actions on the right. In addition to standard events using conditions and actions, other event types can be added: For example, with comment events, you can add some text in the event list.
Finally, you can add sub-events, which are executed only if the parent conditions are fulfilled.

Standard events

Standard events animate the game using actions, making it possible to create objects, move them, change animations, etc…
Actions are triggered by conditions: the hero's health must equal a given number, or the object position must be within a particular area, etc…

Other types of events

GDevelop provides additional event types:

  • With Comments you can add some text in the event list, for example, to explain what an event block does;
  • Links allow you to include events from other scenes;
  • Repeat events are repeated a certain number of times;
  • For each object events are repeated for all objects specified in a list;
  • While events are repeated while their specified conditions are true.

More event types can be provided by extensions that you can activate for your game.

Manipulating events

To add an event, click on Add an event in the ribbon. You can also hover with the mouse on an already existing event and choose Add an event in the resulting panel. You can add and edit other types of events and sub-events in the same way, either by using the ribbon or the panel appearing the event (in the latter case, choose Other).

You can move an event up or down by dragging it with the mouse.

Delete an event by selecting it and pressing the Delete key, picking Delete selection from the ribbon, or right-click on it and then choosing Delete from the menu, as shown below:

You can also use right-click to copy/cut and paste events.

Actions and conditions

To add an action or a condition in a list, hover on the list with the mouse and choose Add an action/condition from the panel appearing below. Actions and conditions can be moved and deleted in the same way as events.

Make a double click to edit a condition or an action.

The Event Store

The Event Store allows you to browse and customize events made by other users: in a few click, you can quickly prototype your game and structure your events into large blocks dedicated to a single task.

To open the Event Store, click on Insert from the Event Store in the ribbon:

Events available in the Event Store are the events shared on, the online game creator based on GDevelop.

Other features

The ribbon provides access to other features such as Undo, Redo and Search and Replace operations.
Conditions and actions are listed in two separate columns. You can resize these columns by dragging the column separator.