Objects Editor

The Objects Editor lists all the objects in a scene. Each object has a unique name and a type which determines its appearance and capabilities. From the Objects Editor you can also access to global objects (i.e. objects that can be used in any scene) and groups.

You can add new objects, remove, rename existing ones and edit them (for example, most of your objects will be Sprite objects: you can edit them to add animations with images inside).

Add and edit objects

Right-click on Objects and choose Add an object from the menu, or use the button in the ribbon. GDevelop will ask you to choose the kind of your object. Each kind (also called type) of the object brings specific features.

For example, Sprite objects are objects with animations and that can be used for the most part of your game. Text objects are used to display texts. Some objects can have very specific usage. For example, the AdMob object is used to display ads when you export your game with Intel XDK on iOS or Android.

Advanced usage

Right-click on an object or use the ribbon to access more options:

You can in particular edit an object variables (i.e. variables created inside the object, when the object is created on the scene).
Click on Properties to open a window containing all the properties of the object, in particular, behaviors: check this page for more information about adding behaviors to objects.