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 +====== External layouts ======
 +An external layout can be used to create a layout of objects, just as in a scene editor. The objects can be then dynamically inserted in a scene using the actions in the //External layouts// category.\\
 +This can be useful to :
 +  * Create entire levels into different external layouts, and then load them into the scene containing the game engine.
 +  * Create complex layout of objects ( For example, a fleet of spaceships ) and then insert them into a scene.
 +====== Basic usage ======
 +As with [[gdevelop:​documentation:​manual:​external_events|external events]], you have to choose a scene before editing an external layout. After choosing a scene using the list, the editor will be loaded, displaying the external layout with the objects and the layers of the chosen scene.
 +To edit the layout, the editor is similar to a [[gdevelop:​documentation:​manual:​edit_scene|scene editor]].