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 +====== Revision history ======
 +== The history of version is now available on GitHub ==
 +To see the history of changes, go on the **[[https://​github.com/​4ian/​GD/​releases|GitHub Release page of GDevelop]]**.
 +== History of changes of old versions ==
 +You can see here the release history of old versions:
 +Version 3.6.77
 +  * Added **Shape Painter objects** for HTML5 games (already available for native games).
 +  * Added **Panel Sprite ("​9-patch"​) objects** for HTML5 games (already available for native games).
 +  * Added **Text entry objects** for HTML5 games (already available for native games).
 +  * Added support for **"​Change global color"​** action for Sprite objects in HTML5 games.
 +  * Added **LastPressedKey**() expression to get the name of the latest pressed key.
 +  * Fixed hitboxes of Tiled Sprite and Text objects not always properly updated on HTML5 games.
 +  * Ensure that platformer objects are able to jump after being stuck into an obstacle.
 +  * HTML5 games are now fullscreen by default.
 +  * Fixed crashes with extensions (like LinkedObjects) due to an internal error in the game engine.
 +  * Auto complete behavior name when editing a condition or action and clicking on the button next to the parameter field.
 +  * Updated Pixi.js, the HTML5 rendering engine used by GDevelop, to the latest version.
 +  * Disable ribbon buttons in the Scene tab according to the scene editor state (preview or edition).
 +  * Translations are now made using Crowdin.com:​ https://​crowdin.com/​project/​gdevelop (Any help is welcome! :D).
 +Version 3.6.76
 +  * **Improved object editor**: objects can be dragged to groups, the content of a group is now displayed in the list, global objects and groups are now shown in bold.
 +  * Reworked the window to select a condition or an action to be more simple and clear.
 +  * Added the **Event Store**: Browse the events templates made by users from GDevApp.com,​ customize and insert them in your game. And double click on a template inserted in your game to edit it even after its insertion.
 +  * Added **Event Groups**, that can be used to organize events.
 +  * Added experimental support for **Javascript events**, for HTML5 games (see examples).
 +  * Added support for saving (and loading) games to JSON files.
 +  * **New start page**, and fixed bad alignment on Ubuntu.
 +  * **Fixed severe memory leaks** when loading textures.
 +  * Changed the middle click behavior: the middle button must be kept pressed to move in the scene editor.
 +  * Platformer characters are pushed out of platforms if stuck inside.
 +  * Added a Fill tool and Undo/Redo buttons in the editor of Tile Map objects.
 +  * Various fixes and performance improvements for Tile Map objects.
 +  * Added optional offset for the grid in the scene editor.
 +  * Fixed bad cursor shown on Ubuntu in the scene editor.
 +  * Fixed condition testing for the visibilty of a layer.
 +  * Changed titles of some mouse related conditions to highlight the support of touchscreens.
 +  * Added ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight expressions for HTML5 games.
 +  * Fixed SceneWindowWidth and SceneWindowHeight for HTML5 games.
 +  * Ensure that when multiple images are added to a sprite object on Ubuntu, the insertion is made in alphabetical order.
 +  * Fixed syntax highlighting in the events editor.
 +  * Various minor fixes and improvements.
 +  * Switched from LGPL to **MIT license** for most codebase. Enjoy!
 +Version 3.5.75
 +  * New action to open an URL in a browser.
 +  * Fixed crash with collision condition for TileMap object.
 +  * Fixed button with incorrect behavior in the ribbon.
 +Version 3.5.74
 +  * GDevelop is now called **GDevelop**! If you have any article, website or forum related to GDevelop, please rename any mention of "​GDevelop"​ to "​GDevelop"​.
 +  * New **Tilemap** object: easily create tile based games with tilemaps! (Native games only)
 +  * Fix functions not working properly with multiples scenes or external events.
 +  * Fix object not renamed properly after it was added (Linux).
 +  * Fix debugger and profiler graphical glitches.
 +  * Fix some toolbars not rendered properly on Linux.
 +  * Fix conditions testing Joysticks'​ axis values.
 +  * Fix crash with the pathfinding behavior.
 +  * Updated UglifyJS to fix minification issues with HTML5 games.
 +  * Added link to download Node.js if needed for minification of games.
 +  * New "​Advanced Shape based Painter"​ example.
 +  * Other minor bugfixes.
 +Version 3.4.73
 +  * Updated SFML multimedia library: Fix crash with audio files introduced in 3.4.72
 +  * Fix layers not hidden in HTML5 games
 +  * Updated Russian translation (thanks to Komencanto)
 +Version 3.4.72
 +  * GDevelop is now **open source**!
 +  * New behavior: **Top down movement** (4 or 8 directions).
 +  * New **russian translation:​** Thanks to Airvikar!
 +  * Multiple images can be dragged from the image bank to an animation of a sprite object.
 +  * Updated SFML library: graphics improvements,​ errors and memory leaks fixes on old graphics card.
 +  * Updated Pixi.js library: rendering of HTML5 games is 400% faster, improved CocoonJS support.
 +  * Added support for Intel XDK, to export HTML5 games to Android or iOS.
 +  * Minification of HTML5 games now faster with UglifyJS. Require Node.js to be installed.
 +  * The scene editor now displays the border of the window.
 +  * Fixed crashed when searching in events.
 +  * Fixed support of projects with filenames using Windows separator (\) on linux.
 +  * Various fixes.
 +Version 3.3.71
 +  * Replaced icons still using the old style
 +  * Added a dialog asking for feedback about GD
 +  * Fixed typos.
 +  * Fixed proper frame for sprite objects not always shown if animation was paused.
 +  * Fixed initial value of texts objects not always properly shown in HTML5 games.
 +  * HTML5 games physics engine is now Box2d.js (for better performances).
 +  * Fixed "​Time"​ expression for HTML5 games.
 +  * Fixed error when the parsed JSON was not correct for HTML5 games.
 +  * Fixed "​Random"​ expression for HTML5 games.
 +  * Fixed crashs (with scrollbars for example)
 +Version 3.3.70
 +  * Entirely new icons for the interface, specifically designed for GDevelop. Many thanks to Constantine Shvetsov !
 +  * Spanish translation available: Merci à Franco Maciel !
 +  * Pathfinding behavior is now available for HTML5 games.
 +  * The pathfinding behavior has been rewritten and enhanced: You have to update your game if you're using it.
 +  * Added condition "​Trigger once".
 +  * Custom collision mask are now supported by HTML5 games.
 +  * The maximum angle of slopes is now customizable for objects on platforms.
 +  * Added "​lerp"​ function.
 +  * Fixed crashs
 +  * Fixed velocity of objects not maintained after an object was resized.
 +  * Fixed renamed behaviors not taken into account.
 +  * Fixed ToDeg/ToRad for native games.
 +  * Minors bug fixes.
 +  * GDevelop is now on Twitter! Follow it on https://​twitter.com/​Game_Develop
 +Version 3.2.69
 +  * Fixed various bugs for Ubuntu.
 +  * Fixed recompilation not triggered for some external events
 +Version 3.2.68
 +  * A confirmation dialog is now shown when closing a project only if changes have been made.
 +  * Fixed lots of issues for Ubuntu 31.10 64bits.
 +  * GDevelop is now available for the latest Ubuntu version in a nice and easy to install ''​.deb''​ package.
 +  * Fixed errors when using C++ Code events.
 +  * Fixed touch invalid location (notably when using CocoonJS)
 +Version 3.2.67
 +  * Fixed scene change regression introduced in the last version.
 +Version 3.2.66
 +  * New default theme "​GDevelop Metro"​.
 +  * HTML5 games can now be directly exported to www.gamedevshare.com,​ online gaming platform for games created with GDevelop.
 +  * Support for fullscreen, canvas resizing and title change for HTML5 games.
 +  * Fixed rare crash with links.
 +  * Fixed display of some toolbars.
 +  * Scenes/​External events/​External layouts can now be easily moved.
 +  * Fixed actions related to the audio for HTML5 games.
 +  * The help window can be minimized.
 +  * Command lines options for the IDE are now recognized.
 +  * Fixed variables with an empty initial value for HTML5 games.
 +  * Fixed resizing of Tiled Sprite objects for HTML5 games when using WebGL.
 +  * Other minors fixes.
 +Version 3.2.65
 +  * Added missing images for Platformer template.
 +Version 3.2.64
 +  * Added new behaviors "​Platformer Object"​ and "​Platform"​ to easily create platformers games.
 +  * Added support for "​TiledSprite"​ object for HTML5 games.
 +  * Added new visual themes: "​GDevelop Metro" and "Metro White"​.
 +  * New audio related conditions and actions for HTML5 games.
 +  * Fixed issue with variables having a string as initial value for HTML5 games.
 +  * Added new template Web Platformer.
 +  * Added example Basic Platformer.
 +  * Fixed crash when displaying objects list for a parameter.
 +  * Fixed freeze with HTML5 games when using invalid objects.
 +  * Fixed UI glitches.
 +  * Fixed others bugs.
 +Version 3.2.63
 +  * Fixed audio related issues
 +  * Fixed freeze/​crash when using variable in specific conditions.
 +  * Fixed refreshing of properties panel in the scene editor.
 +  * Disabled links event are now grayed.
 +  * Fixed others minor glitches.
 +Version 3.2.62
 +  * Added support for arbitrary structures in variables.
 +  * Added action to send a request to a web page.
 +  * Added actions and expressions to convert a variable from/to a JSON string.
 +  * Fixed HTML5 games not working when using a number as first character of the scene name.
 +  * Fixed audio and channels related actions for HTML5 games.
 +  * Fixed Cursor is on object condition for HTML5 games.
 +  * Added support for all strings manipulation functions for HTML5 games.
 +  * Fixed text entered on keyboard not handled in a preview in the editor.
 +  * Fixed arrows keys not handled when choosing a key for a parameter.
 +  * Fixed renaming of objects on Linux.
 +  * Fixed Show/​HideLayer actions and NewLine expression.
 +  * Reorganized some actions and conditions.
 +  * Fixed crashs and other minors bugs. Small aesthetic changes.
 +Version 3.1.61
 +  * Linked Objects extension is now available for HTML5 games.
 +  * Added support for all mathematical functions for HTML5 games.
 +  * Fixed no default camera for new layers.
 +  * Fixed Linked Objects extension not working for compiled native games.
 +  * Fixed crash when editing object'​s variables.
 +  * Fixed moved/​turned toward conditions.
 +  * Fixed always condition for HTML5 games.
 +  * Fixed other minor bugs.
 +Version 3.1.60
 +  * Fixed compilation issues with native games.
 +  * Fixed resources not properly copied/​exported with the web platform.
 +  * Added condition for testing if an object is flipped.
 +  * Minor fixes
 +Version 3.1.59
 +  * Fixed Destroy Outside Screen behavior
 +  * Fixed crash when moving objects in Objects Editor.
 +  * Fixed action changing particles color.
 +  * SDK and internal changes: New build system ( CMake ) and improved documentation look'​n'​feel.
 +  * The third number of the versioning scheme is now the release number.
 +Version 3.0.11299
 +  * Added physics engine for the web platform.
 +  * Added data storage for the web platform ( Web Storage )
 +  * New objects editor
 +  * New template "Angry Peas"
 +  * Fixed new lines with texts ( And added NewLine function )
 +  * Fixed potential crash
 +  * Fixed Distance/​Collision conditions when inverted
 +Version 3.0.11298\\
 +  * Fixed touchscreen and mouse support for the web platform.
 +  * Fixed texts badly positioned.
 +  * Added an example showing how to create buttons.
 +Version 3.0.11297\\
 +  * Support for touchscreen.
 +  * Various optimisations and bugfixes.
 +Version 3.0\\
 +  * Support for creating HTML5 based games using the Web Platform.\\
 +  * Also support for creating games with support for the Web platform and the native platform
 +  * Properties of objects are shown using a properties grid.
 +  * New way of resizing objects: The origin point is now fixed when an object is scaled.
 +  * Dialogs showing the objects/​behaviors available also show the unused objects/​behavior as grayed.
 +  * Improved user interface.
 +  * Fixed GDevelop not launching with some graphics cards.
 +  * Fixed several bugs
 +Version 2.2.11127\\
 +-Scene editor improved:
 +  * Properties of instances are displayed in a grid
 +  * Objects can be locked
 +  * New handles to resize objects
 +-Slightly faster internal compilation of events.\\
 +-Improved size of compiled games.\\
 +-External events are internally compiled separately from their scene if possible.\\
 +-New integrated help system\\
 +-Fixed crash when editing For Each/​Repeat/​While events.\\
 +-Fixed GetTimeFromStart() expression.\\
 +-Improved design of toolbars\\
 +-Fixed bugs
 +Version 2.2.11076\\
 +-New project dialog with predefined templates for creating a new game.\\
 +-New action to separate objects from obstacles, using collisions masks: Try the "Space marine"​ template. \\
 +-The interface of some windows have been updated ​ so as to make them cleaner and more efficient.\\
 +-The images bank editor has been updated with a property grid: You can for example edit the properties of several images at the same time.\\
 +-No more "Save into portable mode": When you save a game into a new directory, GDevelop automatically asks you if you also want to copy the resources into this directory.\\
 +-Updated SFML library used by GD for multimedia tasks. This can solve issues with Intel graphics chipset.\\
 +-Solved issues with some strings which were showing strange characters.\\
 +-The options of the IDE are kept after a new installation.\\
 +-Fixed bad position of objects after pasting them.\\
 +-Added option to change the font of the events editor.\\
 +-GD warns that events can not be modified during a preview.\\
 +-Added "​Animation is over" condition for Sprite objects.\\
 +-Various fixes.\\
 +Version 2.1.10939\\
 +-Collisions masks can now be arbitrary convex polygons.\\
 +-Corrected a crash when closing all projects.\\
 +-Corrected a bug with behaviors and global objects.\\
 +-Others bug fixes.\\
 +Version 2.1.10904\\
 +-New Sprite object editor\\
 +-New feature: External layouts.\\
 +-New example: "​Multiple levels with external layouts.gdg"​.\\
 +-Free to use resources are provided with GD: Browse them thanks to the Resource library in the images bank editor.\\
 +-The edition of the properties of a game is now made thanks to a property grid.\\
 +-Small changes in expression editors.\\
 +-Minor fixes and enhancements ( Zoom level is now saved, new  expressions ToDeg, ToRad and AngleDifference )\\
 +Version 2.1.10873.54813\\
 +-Enhanced Shoot example : Thanks to MillionthVector for the graphics.\\
 +-Resources ( i.e. images ) are now using paths relative to the project directory.\\
 +-Editors are greyed out when previewing a scene.\\
 +-Fixed internal compilation errors.\\
 +Version 2.1.10871.54807\\
 +-Minor bug fixes concerning variables-related functions.\\
 +-New example CastleDoodle\\
 +Version 2.1.10822.54540 \\
 +-New extension Advanced XML and Path behavior. Thanks to Victor Levasseur\\
 +-New extension Sound object. Thanks to Thomas Flecy and Victor Levasseur.\\
 +-Enhanced performances when using declared scene or global variables.\\
 +-Enhanced window used to choose or edit variables.\\
 +-Added option to activate a log file.\\
 +-Corrected duplication of more than one object using Ctrl+Drag in Scene editor.\\
 +-Bug fixes in some extensions ( already available as patchs for the previous version ).\\
 +-Bug fixes and internal changes.\\
 +Version 2.1.10682.53886 \\
 +-Added initial variables specific to objects instances put on the scene\\
 +-Added File menu in the ribbon\\
 +-Enhanced debugger for sounds and musics\\
 +-Un/Fold all buttons in events editor.\\
 +-Support for the audio of video files : Thanks to Victor Levasseur for his contributions.\\
 +-Support for customized collisions masks and bugfix in Physics Automatism : Thanks to Victor Levasseur for his contributions.\\
 +-Available scenes/​external events are displayed when editing a link.\\
 +-Corrected Duplicate action and condition related to objects layers.\\
 +-Added action and expression to change the game window title.\\
 +-Added C++ code event and support for external C++ files.\\
 +Version 2.0.10541.53179 \\
 +-Fixed important memory leak when events were modified.\\
 +-Switching between preview and edition mode is now much more faster.\\
 +-Enhanced undo/redo in scene editor.\\
 +-Added special paste in scene editor.\\
 +-Added modulo function.\\
 +-Correction displacement in scene editor using mouse wheel.\\
 +-Corrected small distortion of images when previewing games in editor.\\
 +-Corrected non working search dialog in events edtor.\\
 +-Objects new names were not taken into account after renaming an object.\\
 +-Fixed non working deletion of objects in groups.\\
 +-Fixed save of images folders.\\
 +-Corrected bugs related to special characters in objects names.\\
 +-Corrected non working music/sound files in compiled games.\\
 +-Option to stop musics when starting a new scene was not working.\\
 +Version 2.0.10538.53165 \\
 +-English tutorial now available : Thanks to Diego Schiavon for the translation.\\
 +-Corrected bug ( concerning the working directory ) with games compiled to a single executable.\\
 +-Added action to change the icon of the window.\\
 +-Events modified in external events are now properly taken in account.\\
 +-Corrected compilation crash when using scenes with a name containing special characters.\\
 +-Corrected non working modulo operator ( % )\\
 +-Corrected crash with pixel perfect collision test on an invalid image.\\
 +-Corrected crash with string expressions.\\
 +-Minor bugfixes and enhancements.\\
 +Version 2.0.10498.52954 \\
 +-Minor bugfixes.\\
 +Version 2.0 \\
 +-New events management: Events are now compiled to machine code ( making them as powerful and efficient as games written with programming languages like C++ ).\\
 +-Completely new events editor: faster and more flexible.\\
 +-New linked objects extension\\
 +-Other improvements\\
 +-New logo and splashscreen : Thanks to François Dumortier ( http://​www.fdumortier.com )\\
 +Version 1.5.10151.51202 \\
 +-Corrected crash at closing.\\
 +-Enhanced internal code editor.\\
 +-Enhanced images folders.\\
 +-New pathfinding extension\\
 +-New light extension\\
 +-Actions/​Conditions for playing offset of musics and sounds.\\
 +-Experimental compilation for Mac OS.\\
 +-Minor bugfixes\\
 +Version 1.5.10139.51138 \\
 +-Action to delete a timer\\
 +-Add button to open a text/​expression editor when filling parameters of expressions.\\
 +-Corrected grid related problems and added save of parameters of the grid for each scene.\\
 +-Corrected crash involving global objects and behaviors.\\
 +-Corrected missing resources of external events when compiling.\\
 +Version 1.5.10138.51136 \\
 +-Added collision masks.\\
 +-New extension Text Entry object\\
 +-New extension Timed event\\
 +-Portuguese translation available ( Athacyr Souza Ferreira )\\
 +-Corrected events editor shortcuts and added new.\\
 +-Added global shortcuts ( Ctrl-S/​Ctrl-O/​Ctrl-Shift-S/​Ctrl-N/​Ctrl-W )\\
 +-Better management of objects resources.\\
 +-Button to hide taskbar and title in the editor.\\
 +-Improved portable save.\\
 +-Added options to change executable name and icon\\
 +-Corrected save of the chosen method for displaying objects.\\
 +-Added button for some mathematical functions.\\
 +-Parameter to choose the size of the new cameras after having changed window'​s size.\\
 +-Expression to get mouse wheel movement.\\
 +-Actions to deactivate a behavior.\\
 +-Parameter for choosing musics'​ pitch ( speed )\\
 +-Debugger improvements.\\
 +-Minor bugfixes.\\
 +-Added experimental support for C++.\\
 +Version 1.5.9980.50345 \\
 +-Corrected bug with Windows XP SP3\\
 +-Corrected save of parameters of Automatic Network Updater behavior.\\
 +-Corrected potential crash with sprite and images bank editor.\\
 +-Corrected crash when opening a game by double clicking on it.\\
 +Version 1.5.9979.50340 \\
 +-Added profiling tool\\
 +-Network extension\\
 +-Added list of objects on scene\\
 +-Improved layer editor\\
 +-Particle System : Added option to modify maximum particles number.\\
 +-Particle System : Added random variation.\\
 +-Particle System : Added action to modify particles texture.\\
 +-Customizable default position of tabs.\\
 +-Automatic use of the last position of windows when opening a scene editor.\\
 +-Corrected image reloading.\\
 +-Added automatic backup\\
 +-Correction : Externals events can be imported from another game.\\
 +-Minor bugfixes.\\
 +Version 1.5.9955.50216 \\
 +-Added simplified options to particle emitter object.\\
 +-Minor corrections.\\
 +Version 1.5.9954.50214 \\
 +-New extension Particle System\\
 +-New extension Video object\\
 +-Physics behavior : Added gears.\\
 +-Enhanced expression/​text editor : Syntax highlighting,​ bad braces highlight, link to the error position.\\
 +-Added search and replace in events.\\
 +-Automatic renaming of objects in events.\\
 +-Multiple object suppression.\\
 +-Deletion of actions and conditions related to an object when deleting the latter.\\
 +-Scene editor : Added support for copy/​cut/​paste. Added predefined zoom levels.\\
 +-Corrected condition testing direction of Sprites.\\
 +-Corrected links.\\
 +-Minors changes in interface.\\
 +-Minor corrections.\\
 +-Spanish tutorial ( Thanks to Fernando José Martínez López )\\
 +Version 1.5.9910.49996 \\
 +-Corrected error message displayed with conditions using behaviors.\\
 +-Physics behavior : Added Restitution ( Elasticity )\\
 +-Physics behavior : Added action Add a force toward a position\\
 +-Corrected condition "A group exists in a XML file"​\\
 +Version 1.5.9904.49966 \\
 +-Minor corrections.\\
 +Version 1.5.9900.49954 \\
 +-Added behaviors.\\
 +-Added Physics Automatism. ( + Example PhysicsCrush )\\
 +-Added search controls in several windows.\\
 +-Actions and conditions can be sorted by objects.\\
 +-Actions to open and close a XML file in memory.\\
 +-Updated SFML library : Corrected border around images.\\
 +-Added ability to change 3D parameters.\\
 +-Added events deactivation\\
 +-Progressive loading of images.\\
 +-Corrected layer window\\
 +-Copy/​Cut/​Paste for objects groups.\\
 +Version 1.4.9641.48562 \\
 +-Added external events.\\
 +-Corrected bugs with texts using fonts.\\
 +-Corrected freeze when parenthesis were missing.\\
 +-Corrected action for changing window'​s size.\\
 +Version 1.4.9606.48375 \\
 +-New conditions for keyboard.\\
 +-Corrected bug when opening old games.\\
 +-Corrected glitches.\\
 +Version 1.4.9601.48349 \\
 +-Corrected freeze during loading of some games.\\
 +Version 1.4.9599.48338 \\
 +-Corrected actions using layers.\\
 +-Updated expressions using layers.\\
 +Version 1.4.9587.48275 \\
 +-Corrected "Send datas" action.\\
 +-Corrected Time expression\\
 +-Corrected return value of "​Choose layer" dialog.\\
 +-Added flip actions.\\
 +-Corrected height of events after modification.\\
 +Version 1.4.9573.48212 \\
 +-Corrected bugs with layers\\
 +-Corrected too import memory consumption with events in editor.\\
 +-Minor corrections.\\
 +Version 1.4.9552.48094 \\
 +-Corrected bad conversion of quotes when opening a game saved with an old version.\\
 +-Corrected function name so as to get the text of an object'​s variable.\\
 +-Added undo/redo to scene editors.\\
 +Version 1.3.9262.46622 \\
 +-Correction of a crash when word "​distance"​ was in an expression.\\
 +Version 1.3.9550.48084 \\
 +-Entirely new, powerful and elegant syntax for expressions.\\
 +-Changed text expressions so as to let them be as powerful as numerical expressions. Added string manipulation functions.\\
 +-Checking for validity of parameters.\\
 +-Added Selection rectangle and moving of objects thanks to keyboard to scene editors.\\
 +-Function events.\\
 +-Added global objects and groups to games merging.\\
 +-Real time displacements when using scrollbars.\\
 +-Corrected glitch when displaying sub conditions.\\
 +-Corrected bad click detection when using sub events.\\
 +-Checking of validity of objects names.\\
 +Version 1.3.9254.46592 \\
 +-Correction of undo/redo in events editor.\\
 +-Correction of copy of events.\\
 +-Correction of a crash with a comment or a link at the end of the events.\\
 +Version 1.3.9245.46555 \\
 +-New event structure allowing to use subconditions,​ and providing new types of event.\\
 +-Correction of bugs\\
 +===== The historic of the previous versions is only available in French =====
 +Version 1.3.8892.44771 \\
 +-Correction du crash au démarrage sur certaines versions de windows.\\
 +-Test de plusieurs répertoires temporaires de compilation.\\
 +-Correction de la disparition des caméras lors du zoom.\\
 +Version 1.3.8890.44757 \\
 +-Edition des évènements sans fenêtre intermédiaire.\\
 +-Modification de l'​apparence des évènements.\\
 +-Ajout d'une condition pour tester l'​angle de déplacement d'un objet.\\
 +-Actions et conditions supplémentaires sur les caméras.\\
 +-Les boites de dialogues ont été transférées dans une extension, et utilisent les fenêtres natives de Windows.\\
 +-Correction de l'​action de zoom de caméra.\\
 +-Correction de l'​action de centrage de caméra.\\
 +-Correction de l'​affichage de certaines fenêtres sans jeu valide.\\
 +-Correction de l'​affichage de l'​éditeur de la banque d'​images.\\
 +Version 1.3.8844.44538 \\
 +-Correction de l'​impossibilité d'​utiliser certaines touches en testant la scène dans une fenêtre externe.\\
 +-Remise de l'​icone à l'​exécutable de GDevelop.\\
 +-Insertion correcte des commentaires/​liens quand on clique à la fin de la liste.\\
 +-Correction de la compilation en mode executable unique.\\
 +-Possibilité d'​utiliser plusieurs caméras pour les calques, avec possibilité de personnaliser l'​endroit où elle sera affichée ( pour créer par exemple des modes 2 joueurs en écran partagé ).\\
 +-Gestionnaire de projet, remplaçant l'​éditeur de jeu, et permettant d'​éditer plusieurs jeux à la fois.\\
 +-Mise à disposition du logiciel en anglais.\\
 +Version 1.2.7630.38327 \\
 +-Nouvelle interface profitant d'un ruban.\\
 +-Thème des onglets et des panneaux personnalisable.\\
 +-Changement de position des boutons Ok/​Annuler.\\
 +-Automatisation complète de l'​ancien système de localisation des actions/​conditions.\\
 +-Possibilité d'​utiliser des objets globaux à toute les scènes.\\
 +-Nouvelles actions et conditions de temps.\\
 +-Nouvelles actions et conditions d'​échelle de taille des objets ( redimensionnement ).\\
 +-Possibilité de mettre et de tester la pause pour les chronomètres.\\
 +-Possibilité de choisir la couleur de la grille\\
 +-Nouvelle action "​Positionner la souris en X;Y"\\
 +-Choix de la couleur transparente dans le décomposeur de feuille de sprite.\\
 +-Possibilité de glisser déposer un fichier pour l'​ouvrir.\\
 +-Possibilité de glisser déposer un objet depuis l'​éditeur d'​objets sur l'​éditeur de scène.\\
 +-Optimisation du test de collision.\\
 +-Possibilité de modifier le centre de rotation des objets\\
 +-Possibilité d'​afficher la console de GDevelop depuis le debugger.\\
 +-Evaluation des expressions optimisée.\\
 +-Correction d'un bug sur l'​enregistrement d'un fichier avec une expression.\\
 +-Correction du mauvais rendu quand il y avait beaucoup de sous évènements\\
 +-La condition de distance ne pouvait pas utiliser les groupes d'​objets\\
 +-Les expressions ne pouvait pas utiliser les groupes d'​objets\\
 +-Corrections de bugs divers.\\
 +Version 1.1.6397.32168 \\
 +Passage de plusieurs images si nécessaire pour l'​animation des objets\\
 +Bug position point avec origine modifiée\\
 +Décomposeur de feuilles de sprites\\
 +Amélioration de l'​éditeur d'​évènements ( Retour à la ligne, annulation, mise en forme, raccourcis... )\\
 +Correction de la gestion des sous évènements avec les modèles\\
 +Plus d'​options pour la  fenêtre de chargement\\
 +Conditions/​Actions d'​arrêt de de reprise d'​animation\\
 +Conditions/​Actions pour les joysticks\\
 +Conditions/​Actions pour les calques des objets\\
 +Modèle "​Déplacement d'​unités à la souris"​\\
 +Fenêtre de choix de fichier\\
 +Correction de l'​inversion titre/​message pour les actions interface\\
 +Correction des liens qui prennent tous les évènements de la scène\\
 +L'​action "​Créer un objet" peut utiliser une expression pour le nom de l'​objet\\
 +Version 1.1.6042.30362 \\
 +Correction de l'​action Dupliquer\\
 +Choix de la précision de "le curseur est sur un objet"​\\
 +Action/​Condition de Rotation de caméra\\
 +Accès à l'​heure et au temps\\
 +Version 1.1.5813.29156 \\
 +Correction des barres de défilement + mise à jour automatique\\
 +Action suppression groupe d'un fichier\\
 +Système de calque\\
 +Correction copier-coller évènements entre scènes\\
 +Correction crash sur les ordinateurs anciens\\
 +Actions volume des sons et musiques\\
 +Actions Plein écran\\
 +Version 1.1.5429.27129 \\
 +Réorganisation de l'​éditeur des objet et des évènements ( inclusion à l'​éditeur de scène ).\\
 +Amélioration de l'​éditeur de scène\\
 +Corrections et refactorisations multiples.\\
 +Deux nouveaux exemples : CourseAdvanced et PeaThrow\\
 +Version 1.1.4961.24740 \\
 +Action "​Effectuer le mouvement de objets"​\\
 +Correction du Bug "​arrondissement de la position caméra"​\\
 +Correction du Bug "​Suppression de l'​image d'un objet"​\\
 +Corrections mineures\\
 +Version 1.1.4896.24425 \\
 +Réarrangement de certaines fenêtres\\
 +L'​action "​Centrer la caméra"​ suit mieux l'​objet\\
 +Compilation simple améliorée\\
 +Édition de l'​origine et ajout de points sur les objets\\
 +Nouvelles Actions interface\\
 +Nouvelles conditions musiques et sons\\
 +Rafraîchissement de certaines icones\\
 +Correction et mises à jour diverses\\
 +Version 1.0.4599.22886 \\
 +Correction : Crash avec l'​affichage de variables globales \\
 +Correction : Bug de duplication des dossiers\\
 +Version 1.0.4584.22811 \\
 +Correction : Les sons sur canaux ne marchaient pas\\
 +Correction : L'​éditeur de groupes d'​objets était masqué\\
 +Instructions de Contrôle avancé ( voir exemple SaveLoad )\\
 +Action Changer couleur objet\\
 +Version 1.0.4485.22325 \\
 +Optimisation importante de l'​affichage des évènements.\\
 +Amélioration de l'​éditeur d'​objets.\\
 +Prise en compte des objets principaux lors de l'​évaluation des expressions dans les actions/​conditions.\\
 +Correction du bug faisant que les polices ralentissaient le jeu.\\
 +Outil permettant de décomposer un gif animé.\\
 +Outil permettant de décomposer feuille de sprite RPG Maker.\\
 +Correction : La compilation prend en compte les ressources des sous évènements.\\
 +Bouton choix son et choix musique sont de nouveaux opérationnels.\\
 +Actions déplacement : tourner autour de... .\\
 +Correction d'un crash lors de la création d'un nouveau jeu avec un dossier d'​image ouvert.\\
 +Correction du bug de l'​occupation mémoire des sons.\\
 +Version 1.0.4041.20109 \\
 +Icones à la place des boutons dans les fenêtres de modifications des paramètres\\
 +Ajout d'un bouton annuler édition condition/​action\\
 +Correction du bug Mauvais évènement sélectionné\\
 +Mode Simple ( Possibilité d'​activer un mode simple, qui réduit l'​interface de GDevelop aux fonctions principales,​ idéal pour débuter. )\\
 +Nouvelle action pour modifier le zoom de la caméra.\\
 +Nouvelle condition pour tester la distance entre deux objets.\\
 +Version 1.0.3637.18164 \\
 +Corrections de bugs avec les expressions des conditions\\
 +Version 1.0.3628.18123 \\
 +Corrections de bugs ( Polices... )\\
 +Groupes d'​objets\\
 +Nouvel exemple : Tir\\
 +Version 1.0.3287.16387 \\
 +Variables globales\\
 +Correction d'un bug avec le changement de scène et la taille de la fenêtre\\
 +Interface : Utilisation barres d'​outils\\
 +Interface : Editeur de scènes multiples\\
 +Correction d'un crash avec l'​affichage de texte sur certains pc\\
 +Option Synchronisation verticale et FPS max/min\\
 +Nouvel éditeur d'​évènements\\
 +Sous évènements\\
 +Version 1.0.2385.11851 \\
 +Meilleure gestion du copier coller\\
 +Correction problèmes avec l'​écriture dans les fichiers ( crash si le fichier n'​existait pas... )\\
 +Ajout de bulles d'​aides à divers endroits\\
 +Ajout avertissement dans les fenêtres de choix d'​objet pour signaler qu'il faut utiliser l'​éditeur d'​objets.\\
 +Nouvelles actions "​Tourner Vers une position"​ et "Se diriger Vers une position"​\\
 +Les descriptions des paramètres sont maintenant situés au dessus du paramètre.\\
 +Nouvel exemple très simple : Aimant.\\
 +Version 1.0.2111.10497 \\
 +Réduction des dépendances des jeux linux : Le jeu se lance sur de nombreuses distributions sans nécessiter de paquets supplémentaires ( autre que X et OpenGL et les paquets de bases ). Les jeux ont été testés et se lancent directement sur : Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Mandriva One...\\
 +Possibilité d'​enregistrer et de charger des données depuis des fichiers.\\
 +Possibilité d'​envoyer des scores ou des données sur internet.\\
 +Correction de l'​éditeur d'​évènements : Après modification d'un évènement,​ l'​éditeur ne revient plus en haut de la liste.\\
 +Correction de l'​action "​Tourne Vers" : ne se tournait auparavant jamais vers 0.\\
 +Correction de la condition "​Souris sur objet" : le test s'​effectuait mal si la caméra n'​était pas en 0;0\\
 +Correction de l'​action "​Créer un objet" avec un objet inexistant : GDevelop crashait si l'​objet spécifié n'​existait pas.\\
 +Version 1.0.1979 \\
 +Mise à jour de la bibliothèque graphique ( SFML ) : Résolution de problèmes sur différentes cartes graphiques\\
 +Image et fichiers du tutoriel inclus\\
 +Corrections diverses\\
 +Version 1.0 \\
 +Première version publique ( Release )\\