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 +====== Contribute to GDevelop ======
 +GDevelop is open source, but its development takes time and sometimes money.
 +If you want to help the author, you can :
 +  * If you have some knowledge in programming,​ GDevelop is **open source** and you can help its development on [[https://​github.com/​4ian/​gd|GitHub]].
 +  * You can **help to translate GD** on [[http://​crowdin.com/​project/​gdevelop|Crowdin]] with other contributors.
 +  * Create tutorial about how to use GDevelop or **contribute to the wiki**: you can edit most of the pages available on the wiki to enhance them.
 +  * You can publish an article about GDevelop in the press.
 +  * [[http://​compilgames.net|Create a nice game]] with GDevelop.