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 +====== Beginner'​s tutorial ======
 +This tutorial will show you how to use GDevelop to develop a simple game.\\
 +If you do not have GDevelop, download it **for free** [[http://​www.compilgames.net|here]]. It is available for **Windows** and **Linux**.
 +{{ youtube>​jWSsJremc4I?​large }}
 +  * Images used are available here : [[http://​www.compilgames.net/​dl/​BeginnerTutorialImages.zip]]
 +  * Before watching this tutorial, you may want to read the **[[gdevelop:​documentation:​manual:​edit_getstart|Getting Started Manual]]**.
 +  * After watching this tutorial, you can browse the **examples** and templates provided with GDevelop.
 +  * Feel free to ask questions in the video comments. See also the **frequently asked questions** below.
 +===== Frequently Asked Questions for this video =====