Welcome to the catch the cat tutorial! In this tutorial you'll create a game where you click on a cat to earn points. Don't click on asteroids though. They'll end the game! You can draw your own sprites if you want, but I have drawn some you can use. You can even use the sprites bundled with Gdevelop, but i'm using these. Also this game works on android. So we can play it on our phones or tablets or what not. It also works in our browser too so we don't need a phone or tablet. So first off create a folder in your desired place. I'm putting mine on my desktop for easy finding. Call it “Catch the cat” or something. Place your sprites in there. Right click my pictures up there and click “save as” Then put them in it. It should look like this. Now that that's done. Start up Gdevelop. Click on it from your start menu or desktop icon.

Alright click on the “new” button in the ribbon.

Select HTML5/android game and put the game wherever you want. I'm putting mine in my catch the cat folder. Also click empty project.

Alright now we need to make the cat. So right click the objects button in the corner, and select “new object” call it whatever you want. I'm calling mine “cat_sprite”.

Next double click it and click the + in the top right corner to add a picture. I used my cat. Then drag it to the frames section towards the bottom.

Next do the walls. When you do the walls click “tiled sprite” When you edit it. It should look like this afterwards.

Next drag your objects into the scene. Because this is a tiled sprite. You can drag those tiny white squares around to make it whatever size you want. Surround the room with these walls.

Next Do the exact same thing for the background sprite. I'm stretching it across the whole scene.

Oops… I guess it covered up everything.. That's alright! Right click the background and click “properties”. Set the Z order to -10. It should be behind everything now.

Alright now time to make our kitty do something. Maybe save it first? I know I did. It's in the top left corner under “file” Now right click our cat in the object's editor and click “add behavior” Select that physics one from the list. Right click the cat again and select “other properties”. Click “Click to edit” Set it like I did in the picture.

Next add the physics behavior to the walls. Edit the properties and tick the “static object” I guess you could test the game now. The cat should bounce around.