Use Intel XDK to export to Android or iOS

Intel XDK is a software for an HTML5 development platform that comes with a service allowing to build Android or iOS applications from an HTML5 application. Using GDevelop, an option is available, when you export a game created with the HTML5 platform, to export your game in a project that can be opened with Intel XDK and then compiled for Android or iOS.

This article is deprecated. You should use PhoneGap Build now to build games for iOS and Android, or switch to GDevelop 5!

Export the game

First, open your game in GDevelop and choose File > Export to the web in the ribbon. Choose then Export to iOS or Android with Cordova (Intel XDK) and click on Export.

It's important to export with this option. Otherwise, your game won't run when tested with Intel XDK or when packaged for Android or iOS.

When exportation is finished, a window tells you where the game is available:

Open it with Intel XDK

Download and install Intel XDK if you do not have it. It's free and available on After the installation, launch it. You need to create an account at the first start and then the homepage is displayed:

On the Intel XDK homepage, choose Start a new project:

And then select Import Your HTML5 Code Base:

Select the folder where GDevelop exported your game (it's shown in the window opened when the export is done). This is the folder containing a file named config.xml and a directory called www.

Click on Continue. A window will ask you for a name (so enter your game name) and another window will ask for a few details: you can click on Continue without changing anything.

Your project is now created in Intel XDK! By default, Intel XDK opens the Develop tab containing the code of your game. Instead, click on Projects (in the top-left) to show all your Intel XDK projects and to edit the settings of the project. The build tab can then be used to export your game.

You don't have to repeat this step later: just export again your game in the same directory using GDevelop and open your project in Intel XDK: all your settings will be preserved!

Edit project settings in Intel XDK

Now that you have your project created in Intel XDK, you can edit some settings, in particular the App Version, the App Name and the orientation (landscape or portrait). To do it, click on Projects (in the top-left), then choose your project and on the right open Build Settings:

Remember to also set the app id to something like com.yourname.yourgamename (app id are written in a reverse URL style).

For Android, change settings in Android-Crosswalk.
For iOS, you need to be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program. Then, you can register your app from the developer center and get a provisioning profile. This provisioning file need to be put in the exported game folder (next to config.xml) and added in the iOS settings in Intel XDK.

It's also a good idea to have custom icons for your game, but you can skip this step if you just want to do some tests.
Finally, if needed you can activate third-party plugins: this is usually not needed, except if you want to display ads using the AdMob Object: see this tutorial about adding ads to your game.

Package your game

Go in the Build tab to generate your game:


For Android, choose Crosswalk for Android.

Click on Build and your project is uploaded to the Intel XDK servers.

Click on the big Build App Now button. Your game is being built on Intel XDK servers. When it's done, you'll receive an email and a confirmation window will show you links to the APK that you can send to your devices or submit to Google Play Store.

For most Android devices, you have to use the arm APK. The x86 APK is only for some devices like tablets that use an Intel processor.