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 Then, in the .cpp file, enter this code: Then, in the .cpp file, enter this code:
-<​code>#​include <GDCpp/RuntimeScene/​RuntimeScene.h>​+<​code>#​include <GDCpp/Runtime/​RuntimeScene.h>​
 void MyFunction(RuntimeScene & scene) void MyFunction(RuntimeScene & scene)
Line 46: Line 46:
     MyFunction(scene);</​code>​     MyFunction(scene);</​code>​
-<note warning>​ +
-The C++ code event must not be placed as a sub event, due to a bug in GD. It should be fixed in the next version.\\ +
-For now, be sure that the C++ event you've added is not a sub event of another event. +
 ===== Testing the code ===== ===== Testing the code =====