Basic internet features

Features to send web requests, communicate with external “APIs” and other network related tasks. Read more explanations about it.


Enable (or disable) metrics collection
Enable, or disable, the sending of anonymous data used to compute the number of sessions and other metrics from your game players.
Be sure to only send metrics if in accordance with the terms of service of your game and if they player gave their consent, depending on how your game/company handles this.

Convert JSON to global variable
Parse a JSON object and store it into a global variable

Convert JSON to object variable
Parse a JSON object and store it into an object variable

Convert JSON to a scene variable
Parse a JSON object and store it into a scene variable

Send a request to a web page
Send an asynchronous request to the specified web page.

Please note that for the web games, the game must be hosted on the same host as specified below, except if the server is configured to answer to all requests (cross-domain requests).


Expression Description
GlobalVarToJSON(globalvar) Convert a global variable to JSON
globalvar The global variable to be stringified
ObjectVarToJSON(object, objectvar) Convert an object variable to JSON
object The object with the variable
objectvar The object variable to be stringified
ToJSON(scenevar) Convert a scene variable to JSON
scenevar Scene variable to be stringified

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