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GDevelop provides with network features that enables games to communicate with remote servers, API or website.

Send a request to a server/API/web page

Everything on the internet is working using HTTP requests. When you visit a webpage, your browser send a request to the web page address, and the website server send a response with the content of the webpage. Games and applications work similarly to send or get data to a server: they send a request to a specific address (also called an endpoint), optionally with parameters, and the server will send back a response. The set of all requests that is handled by a server is sometimes called an API.

HTTP Requests can have a “verb” associated to their, in addition the address and the parameters. Requests to get data or fetch a webpage are usually “GET” requests. Requests to post data are usually “POST” requests.

GDevelop provides the action called “Send a request to a web page”. You can specify the host and the path to the API/web page to be called (for example, if your “endpoint” is https://mygame.com/api/store-score, the host is https://mygame.com and the path is /api/store-score (don't forget the slash /)). You can also specify the content of the request (the parameter that will be received by the server).

When the server send the response, it is saved in a variable so that you can read what was send,

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