Actions and conditions to run timers, get the current time or modify the time scale (speed at which the game is running - useful for slow motion effects). Read more explanations about it.


Change time scale
Change the time scale of the game.

Pause a scene timer
Pause a scene timer.

Delete a scene timer
Delete a scene timer from memory.

Start (or reset) a scene timer
Reset the specified scene timer, if the timer doesn't exist it's created and started.

Unpause a scene timer
Unpause a scene timer.


Time scale
Test the time scale.

Value of a scene timer
Test the elapsed time of a scene timer.

Scene timer paused
Test if the specified scene timer is paused.


Expression Description
Time(string) Current time
string Hour: hour - Minutes: min - Seconds: sec - Day of month: mday - Months since January: mon - Year since 1900: year - Days since Sunday: wday - Days since Jan 1st: yday - Timestamp (ms): timestamp“
TimeDelta() Time elapsed since the last frame rendered on screen
TimeFromStart() Time elapsed since the beginning of the scene
TimerElapsedTime(string) Value of a scene timer
string Timer's name

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