Behaviors add extra capabilities to objects. All objects can have one or more behaviors attached to it.

Add a behavior to an object

To add a behavior to an object, you need to open the object editor. In the scene editor, double click on the object in the Objects list. You can also right click and choose “Edit Object”.

The Object Editor display the properties of the object. Click on the Behaviors tab to show the behaviors of the object. If your object does not have any behavior, nothing will be displayed:

Click on the “+” button to add a new behavior. The list of available behaviors will be displayed:

Scroll to browse behaviors, and click on a behavior to add it to your object.

Find and install new behaviors

If you click on the “Search New Behaviors” tab, you'll see a list of community provided behaviors. They are identical to the behaviors provided with GDevelop, except that they have been built by users and shared with the community.

Search for behaviors and when you find an interesting one, click on it to show more details. Click on “Install In Project” and the new behavior will be downloaded and added to the list of behaviors in the first tab!

You can also create your own behaviors in your game, to extend GDevelop features and make it easy to build complex objects for your game.

Learn more about behaviors

You can learn more about each behavior that is provided with GDevelop: