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-## Draggable ​object behavior+# Draggable ​Object Behavior
-The draggable ​object behavior ​will make the object draggable with the mouse or using the touchscreen of the device.+<note tip>​**See it in action!** 🎮\\ 
 +[[#​Examples|I would rather see the Draggable ​object behavior ​examples! Please take me there now.]] 
-==== Add behavior to object ​==== +The draggable object behavior will make the object draggable with the mouse or by touching it on a touchscreen. 
-To add behavior to an object, ​first open the object properties by right clicking on the object ​and select ​Edit object from the list. Then select ​behaviors ​and click the add behavior button. ​+ 
 +## Add the Draggable ​behavior to an object 
 +To add the Draggable ​behavior to an object, ​start with creating an object or open the object'​s ​properties by accessing ​the object ​in the Scene Objects list. Select "Edit object" ​from the popup list. Then select ​"​Behaviors" ​and click the add behavior button. ​ 
 +{{ :​gdevelop5:​behaviors:​addbehavior.jpg |}} 
 +Choose the behavior in the list:
-==== Draggable object ==== 
 {{ :​gdevelop5:​behaviors:​draggable-object-behavior-inlist.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​gdevelop5:​behaviors:​draggable-object-behavior-inlist.png?​nolink |}}
-By selecting the Draggable object behavior from the list, we can add the functionality to the object. 
-This behavior has no options to change and automatically apply to the object. 
-Using events ​we can check if an object is being dragged+## Properties and events 
 +This behavior has no options to change. It automatically applies to the object(s) having it. 
 +Using the events, you can still disable or reactivate this behavior for some objects - if you want to enable the player to move only some objects or restrict this to be done during a particular moment. 
 +Using events, you can also check if an object is being dragged
 +{{:​gdevelop5:​behaviors:​eventcondtiondraggableobject.png |}} 
 +# Examples  
 +<note tip>​**See it in action!** 🎮\\ 
 +Open these examples online.</​note>​ 
 +**Snap to Grid** 
 +{{ :​gdevelop5:​behaviors:​snaptogrid.png | }} 
 + ​https://​editor.gdevelop-app.com/?​project=example://​snap-object-to-grid 
 +**Shoot Bullet in Parabola Pattern** (A parabola is a plane curve which is mirror-symmetrical and is approximately U-shaped. Basically, an object that shoots toward an object in a curved trajectory.) 
 +{{ :​gdevelop5:​behaviors:​shootbulletparabolapattern.png | }} 
 +* https://​editor.gdevelop-app.com/?​project=example://​shoot-bullet-in-parabola 
 +**Save and Load** 
 +{{ :​gdevelop5:​behaviors:​saveandloadexample.png | }} 
 +* https://​editor.gdevelop-app.com/?​project=example://​save-load 
 +**Path Finding Basics**
-==== Examples ====+{{ :​gdevelop5:​behaviors:​pathfindingbasics.png | }}
-List of examples: +* https://editor.gdevelop-app.com/?​project=example://​pathfinding-basics
-  ​drag object: [[https://gametemplates.itch.io/template-manipulate-text-object|Link]]+