Google Season of Docs 2020 results

A Brand New Tutorial

Technical writer: Deniz Karakay


I prepared a new game tutorial to guide people to develop a level-based space-shooter game using GDevelop. This tutorial will help new-comers to begin to use GDevelop. It is a simple space shooter game where the player controls a spaceship and has to shoot enemies and avoid meteors in space. During the GSoD period, I developed the game on GDevelop and wrote the chapters of the tutorial by providing as much as visuals.

The chapters in the tutorial covers:

  • Creating a project on GDevelop
  • Adding objects to the game
  • Moving these objects with/without user input
  • Moving camera and background according to the objects’ movements
  • Detecting collisions between objects
  • Using behaviors to simplify some events like calculating the health
  • Adding UI elements to show some details
  • Adding sound effects/music to the game
  • Showing visual effects in the game
  • Preparing varied levels on GDevelop
  • Designing the main menu
  • Connecting these levels in the main menu

Demo video

Design the optimal learning experience for beginners

Technical writer: David Turnbull


I started by conducting a content audit to identify:

  • the current structure of the documentation
  • the essential concepts that new users of GDevelop needed to understand
  • the most obvious opportunities for improving the onboarding experience

This is a link to the audit:

I spent the rest of my time rewriting a number of pages from scratch, including GDevelop's most popular tutorial, to improve the readability, structure, and completeness of the content. A lot of this work involved reducing duplication, using a wider variety of structural elements (eg. headings and bullet points), and ensuring that concepts are introduced at the most relevant moment.