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 # Group of events # Group of events
-Groups are events that do nothing particular: they are used to organize and structure your events.+Groups are events that do nothing ​in particular.  They are used to organize and structure your events ​into groups.
-{{ :​gdevelop5:​events:​events-groups.png?nolink ​|}}+You can add a group from within the Events Panel. Select the "​Choose and add an event" icon on the top right. ​{{:​gdevelop5:​events:​chooseaddeventiconnew.png?​|}} ​ 
-You can add a group and choose a name describing what it contains ("​Player management",​ "Map creation"​...). In the events editor, click on the arrow on the left of the group event to hide the sub events. Click again on this arrow to unfold the group and show what it contains.+A drop-down menu will appear. Select "​Group"​ from the menu. 
 +{{ :​gdevelop5:​events:​groupeventsdropdown.png?​ |}} 
 +Then, as illustrated below, ​name your group by describing what it contains ("​Player management",​ "Map creation"​, "Green Enemy",​ "Blue Enemy",​ "Black Enemy",​ etc).  
 +Further, in the events editor, ​you can click on the small arrow located ​on the left of the group eventto hide the sub-events. Click again on this arrowto unfold the groupand show what it contains. ​{{:​gdevelop5:​events:​collapsiblegrouparrow.png?​23|}} 
 +{{ :​gdevelop5:​events:​events-groups.png?​nolink |}}
 ## Examples ## Examples
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 <note tip>​**See it in action!** 🎮\\ <note tip>​**See it in action!** 🎮\\
 Open these examples online.</​note>​ Open these examples online.</​note>​
 * https://​editor.gdevelop-app.com/?​project=example://​space-shooter * https://​editor.gdevelop-app.com/?​project=example://​space-shooter