Extending GDevelop

GDevelop is modular. It can be extended to suit your needs. In particular, all the features available to games: objects, behaviors, and events are based on a extension system. Since GDevelop is open-source, you can contribute to the existing extensions or you can create new ones.

Because the editor is open source, it's also possible to look at the source code and improve it!

Extensions for the game engine

All features provided by the game engine are based on the game engine core (GDJS) and extensions.

➡️If you want to create extensions, read this page about creating and developing extensions for GDevelop.

You will need Node.js to get started and rudimentary knowledge of JavaScript.

Improve the editor

The editor is based on JavaScript too, and you can easily modify and improve it.

➡️Read this page to start working on the editor.

You will need Node.js to get started and knowledge of JavaScript. It's also a good idea to read tutorials about React.js - as the whole editor is based on it for modularity and performance.

Creating themes

You can create new themes for GDevelop. Read more about theme creation here.