GDevelop is built in a flexible way. In addition to core features, new capabilities are provided by extensions. Extensions can contain objects, behaviors, actions, conditions, expressions or events.

Directly from GDevelop, you have access to a collection of community created extensions, listed here. You can also create, directly in your project, new behaviors, actions, conditions or expressions for your game.

Advanced p2p event handling

Allows handling all received P2P events at once instead of one per frame. It is more complex but also potentially more performant.

Align object on the screen

Align objects on the scene relatively to the window (or screen size).

Animated Back and Forth Movement

Make the object go on the left, then when some distance is reached, flip and go back to the right. Make sure that your object has two animations called “GoLeft” and “TurnLeft”.

Auto typing animation for texts ("typewriter" effect)

Animate the text to simulate it being written character by character (also called “typewriter” effect), with a customizable time between each character. Useful for dialogue scenes or visual novels.

Back button

Adds interactions with the back button


Provides an action to make the object bounce from another object it just touched. Add a permanent force to the object and, when in collision with another one, use the action to make it bounce realistically.

Camera Shake

Shake the camera on the specified layer using one or more methods of shaking (position, angle, zoom)


Checkbox that can be toggled by a left-click or touch.


Read and write the clipboard.

Color Conversion

Expressions to convert RGB color values into various other colour formats (HSV, HSL, named colors) and vice versa.


Compress and decompress strings

Create multiple copies of an object

Select the object, choose the number of rows and columns, the spacing between rows and columns, the top left starting point, the layer to create the objects on, and the z-order of the objects.

Cursor type

Provides an action to change the type of the cursor, and a behavior to change the cursor when an object is hovered.


Check for a double-click with a mouse, or a double-tap on a touchscreen.

Drag Camera With Pointer

An action to move the camera by dragging with the mouse (or scrolling with the touch), on vertical, horizontal or both directions.

Draggable Slider Control

Use a shape-painter object to draw a horizontal slider that can be dragged by the users.

Extended math support

Additional math functions and constants expressions.

Extended variables support

Add conditions, actions and expressions to check for the existence of a variable, delete existing ones from memory, and create dynamic variables.

Fire bullets

Allow the object to fire bullets, with customizable speed, angle and fire rate.

Make the object flash (blink) for a period of time, so that it is alternately visible and invisible. Trigger the effect by using the Flash action.

Flash layer

Make a layer visible for a specified duration, and then hide the layer.

Gamepads (controllers)

Add support for gamepads (or other controllers) to your game, giving access to information such as button presses, axis positions, trigger pressure, etc…

Health (life points and damages for objects)

Add actions and conditions to manage the life of the object. Object can get damages, lose some health and you can check with a condition if it's dead.

Input Validation

Provides conditions to check if a string is a valid phone number, url, email, number, contains only letters. Also provides expressions to manipulate strings (count number of lines, remove new lines, remove non alphanumerical characters).

Internet Connectivity

Checks if the device running the game is connected to the internet.

Konami Code

Allows to input the classic Konami Code (“Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A”) into a scene for cheats and easter eggs.


When hosted on Kongregate.com, use Kongregate services to get information about the user, submit scores or interact with the Kongregate page.


Get the preferred language of the user, set on their browser or device.

Linear Movement

Move the object linearly, according to the speed configured on X and Y axis. Useful for simple enemies, bullets or objects following a straight line on the screen.

MQTT Client (advanced)

An MQTT client for GDevelop: allow connections to a MQTT server and send/receive messages.

Mouse Pointer Lock

This behavior removes the limit on the distance the mouse can move and hides the cursor.

Noise generator

Expressions for generating Perlin and simplex noise values (2D or 3D). Useful for procedural generation.

Parallax for Tiled Sprite

Behaviors to animate Tiled Sprite objects in the background, following the camera with a parallax effect.

Random Color Generator

Create a random color for a scene, an object, or any other color input.

Read pixels

Read the values of pixels on the screen.

Rotate a string 13 characters

This extension rotates all alphabetic characters in a string by 13 characters.

Screen Wrap

Teleport objects leaving one side of the screen so that they immediately reappear on the opposite side, maintaining speed and trajectory.

Animate Shadow Clones

Create and animate shadow clones that follow the path of a primary object.

Shake Object (position, angle, scale)

Shake an object, using one or more ways to shake (position, angle, scale)

Sine (or ellipsis) Movement

Allow an object to move smoothly on the X and/or Y axis following a sine wave, or an ellipsis.

Snap objects to a virtual grid

Action to snap objects to a virtual grid during the game.

Sprite Masking

Allow to use a sprite object to mask another.

Stay On Screen

Force the object to stay visible on the screen by setting back its position inside the viewport of the camera.

Swipe Detector

A behavior that detects a swipe being done on the screen, and that gives you information about it, including the direction and the length.

Console (commands handler for Text Entry objects)

A console behavior that allows parsing simple commands inputed via a Text Entry object.

Mobile virtual keyboard for Text Entry

Allow to open and close the virtual keyboard on mobile (iOS, Android). To be used with Text Entry objects.

Time formatting

Expressions to transform time in seconds to format like HH:MM:SS. Ideal to display timers on screen.

Timed Back and Forth Movement

This behavior moves objects back and forth for a chosen time or distance, vertically or horizontally.

Toggle switch

Toggle switch that users can click or touch.

Make object travel to random positions

Make object travel to random positions (with the pathfinding behavior).


Create an illusion of depth by setting the Z-order based on the Y position of the object. Useful for isometric games, 2D games with a “Top-Down” view, RPG…

Yandex.Games SDK (ads)

Use the Yandex.Games SDK to display ads published on the Yandex.Games platform.

Make your own extension

It's easy to create, directly in your project, new behaviors, actions, conditions or expressions for your game.

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