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Search for New Extensions

Seaching for new behaviors, conditions, actions or expressions in GDevelop is easy. In the Project Manager, click on “Functions/Behaviors”, then on “Search for new extensions”:

A dialog will show a search bar as well as a list of community extensions:

Type something in the search bar to filter extensions according to what you would like. You can also explore extensions by clicking on the tags below the search bar.

Extensions are presented with their names, followed by a short description. This should give you an idea of what the extension can do in your game.

Install an extension

If you find an interesting extension, click on it to open a window with more details. For example, here is an overview of the “Flash (blink)” extension:

The description usually explains how to use the extension. Here, it is a behavior that you can add to an object, with an action to make the object flash for a bit of time (like in old platformer, when you are hit by an enemy).

Click on Install in Project to download the extension. You can see it is then added to the list of behaviors/functions in the Project Manager: