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-# Getting Started+# Getting Started ​with GDevelop
-## Try GDevelop ​online or download the desktop version+GDevelop ​is a free, open-source,​ and cross-platform game creation tool that anyone can use to create games*without* programming skills.
-* To get started, you can [try GDevelop online](https://​4ian.github.io/​GD).  +This guide explains how to get up and running with GDevelop.
-* To create your own game, save and then publish it, [download the desktop version on GDevelop ​website](http://​compilgames.net).+
-When you have GDevelop ​downloaded, open and install it, then use the GDevelop icon on your desktop to launch it. +## Step 1: Install ​GDevelop
-Once the application is launched you are going to be presented with the start page where you can open an existing project or create a new one. +
-{{ :gdevelop5:​start_page.png?nolink |}}+GDevelop is available for all major operating systems, including the latest versions of Windows, macOS, and Linux. To download GDevelop, visit [gdevelop-app.com/​download](https://​gdevelop-app.com/​download/​).
-==== Open existing project ====+The installation instructions depend on the operating system.
-To open an existing project, select the relevant option on the start page. +### Windows
-Next you need to browse your local file system to open a project. GDevelop ​5 project files are normally saved as "​game.json"​ file. Find it, and select it to open +Double-click the executableThis installs ​GDevelop, launches the app, and adds an icon to the Desktop.
-{{ :​gdevelop5:​project-file.png?​nolink&​200 |}}+
-NOTE: The locations of the saved game.json files are:+### macOS
-  * WINDOWS 64bit; ​   c:/Users/"YourUserName"/GDevelop projects +1. Open the DMG file. 
-  * OTHER OSs: Needs input!+2. Drag "GDevelop.app" ​into the "~/Applications"​ directory.
-If your location is different on other OS systems, feel free to add the locations here for others :)+### Linux
-The icon of this file is depends on whether you have any default application installed on your computer ​to edit such file.+1. Expand the archive ​file to access an [AppImage](https://​appimage.org/​) ​file
 +2. Run `chmod a+x GDevelop.AppImage` to make the file executable.
-Once you have the project open you should be presented with the editor ​but we come back to it laterfirst let see how to create a new project+<​note>​There'​s an online version of GDevelop available at [editor.gdevelop-app.com](https://​editor.gdevelop-app.com/​). In general thoughwe recommend using the desktop version.</​note>​
-**Note:** GDevelop 4 users, you can [[gdevelop5:​getting_started:​open-gdevelop-4-project|learn here how to save your project ​to open it with GDevelop 5]].+## Step 2Create a new project
-==== Create a new project ==== +1Launch GDevelop
-To create a new project select the relevant option on the start page +2Click **Create ​new project**
-In the next window you can choose from templates or create a blank projectA template is already including some assets and events to get you started, the blank project including nothing so you need to start from scratch+3Choose ​a location for the project
-{{ :​gdevelop5:​create-new-project-window.png?nolink |}} +4Select one of the projects from the **Starters** tabsuch as **Platformer** or **8-bit Space Shooter**or start game from scratch by selecting the **Empty** ​project.
-Since the purpose of this page is to get you started with using GDevelop, let create ​blank project. +
-First, select the location where would you like to store your new projectAs you may notice ​default ​location ​is already set for you on the bottom of this page+
-{{ :​gdevelop5:​project-default-location.png?nolink |}} +
-If you would like to select a different locationclick on the choose folder button next to it: +
-{{ :​gdevelop5:​choose-folder-button.png?​nolink |}} +
-Nextbrowse the file system on your computer to select ​folder to store your project ​inside+
-Once you selected or decided to stick with the default location, just click the Empty game button to create a blank project. +{{:​gdevelop5:​getting-started-create-new-project.jpg|}}
-{{ :gdevelop5:empty-game-button.png?​nolink ​|}}+
-Next you should see the editor either created a blank project or selected a template.+The projects in the **Starters** tab demonstrate how to create entire games, while the projects in the **Examples** tab demonstrate how to create specific features.
-==== Learn more ====+## Step 3: Preview the game
-For further information on how to use GDevelopI recommend to visit the following pages where everything is explained in more detail: +If a project has at least one scenewhich all of the starter projects do, a **Preview** button is available via the toolbarThis button launches a preview of the game.
-  ​[[gdevelop5:​interface|]] +
-  ​[[gdevelop5:​objects|]] +
-  ​[[gdevelop5:​behaviors|]] +
- +
- +
-==== Tutorials ==== +
- +
-You can also find tutorials on the wiki: +
-  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials|]] +
- +
-==== Examples ==== +
- +
-You can find various examples and templates here to get you started with making your own games from scratch: +
-  * [[https://​gametemplates.itch.io/​|gametemplates.itch.io]]+
 +## Next step
 +Read the [Platformer Tutorial](http://​wiki.compilgames.net/​doku.php/​gdevelop5/​tutorials/​platform-game/​start). You'll learn how to create a platforming game from absolute scratch and discover many of GDevelop'​s fundamental concepts, such as objects, events, and expressions.