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 # Events editor # Events editor
-When opening ​a scene (or when opening ​external events), ​an events editor is also opened. This is where you can use the events to create the actual gameplay and allow players to interact with your game and play it.  +When you open a scene (or external events), the Events Editor ​is present as tab:
-The events editor ​is a tool that allow you to visually program your game without any programming knowledge or experience required so anyone with any background can make a game in GDevelop.+
-To switch between the [[gdevelop5:​interface:​scene-editor|Scene editor]] and the Events ​editor ​you can use tabs on the top+{{ :​gdevelop5:​interface:​sceneeventstab.png?​nolink |}} 
 +The Events Editor is where you add the events that create the actual gameplay. All the "​rules"​ of your game can be created using events.  
 +The Events editor is a tool that gives you the power to visually program your game. Events are readable by anyone and can be authored without advanced programming knowledge. 
 +When editing a scene, to switch between the [[gdevelop5:​interface:​scene-editor|Scene editor]] and the Event editoruse the tabs at the top of the window.
 {{ :​gdevelop5:​scene-events-tab.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​gdevelop5:​scene-events-tab.png?​nolink |}}
-When you switch to the event editor, you may notice we have a different selection of tools available:+When you switch to the Events ​editor, you will see that the toolbar changes to display new tools:
 {{ :​gdevelop5:​events-editor-toolset.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​gdevelop5:​events-editor-toolset.png?​nolink |}}
-## Add event +## Add an event 
-We can add an event by clicking the add event button+ 
 +Add an event by clicking the "add event" ​button
 {{ :​gdevelop5:​add-event-button.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​gdevelop5:​add-event-button.png?​nolink |}}
-By clicking ​this button a blank event appear in our editor+When you click this button a blank event will appear ​on the screen below in the editor
 {{ :​gdevelop5:​blank-event.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​gdevelop5:​blank-event.png?​nolink |}}
-We can add any number of event blocks to our editor and add various condition ​and actions to each event block to make our logic. ​You can learn more about events, on this page: [[gdevelop5:​events|]].+You can add any number of event blocks to the Event editor. Each event can have various conditions ​and actions.  
 +Once you add an event, you can use the conditions ​and actions to create the game'​s ​logic. ​Learn more about events, on this page: [[gdevelop5:​events|]].
-## Add sub event +## Add sub-event 
-By clicking the add sub-event button, ​we can add a child event block to the selected event. ​+ 
 +By clicking the "Add a sub-event" ​button, ​you can add a "child event" ​block to the selected event. ​
 {{ :​gdevelop5:​sub-event-button.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​gdevelop5:​sub-event-button.png?​nolink |}}
-After clicking the button, a blank sub event appear ​below our selected event+After clicking the button, a blank sub-event appears ​below our selected event.
 {{ :​gdevelop5:​blank-sub-event.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​gdevelop5:​blank-sub-event.png?​nolink |}}
-Sub events are executed only if the parent event is executed, this way we can brake up our events and trigger events only when/if it is necessary and do not trigger them if it not.+//Sub-events are executed only if the parent event's condition(s) are true//. Sub-events provide a way to avoid repeating the same conditions. They make the logic much easier to read.
 ## Add a comment ## Add a comment
-By clicking the add comment button, ​we can add comments to our events ​so we can remember which events ​fit what purpose+ 
 +By clicking the "Add a comment" ​button, ​you can add comments to the list of events. Comments are useful to add explanations to complex ​events. They can contain any arbitrary text.
 {{ :​gdevelop5:​add-comment-button.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​gdevelop5:​add-comment-button.png?​nolink |}}
-Of course, most events ​are self explaining but in huge, complex games it is always useful ​to add comments ​to remind us what is that part is doing exactly.+Comments ​are an important part of any game or application. They help you to organize your events and give an opportunity ​to add notes or explanations about what the events are doing.
 {{ :​gdevelop5:​comment-in-editor.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​gdevelop5:​comment-in-editor.png?​nolink |}}
-## Add special ​events +## Add other events ​(for each, repeat, while...) 
-By clicking the add an event button, along with the ones we already mentioned, we have access to some special events+ 
 +By clicking the "​Add ​an event" ​button, along with the ones we already mentioned, we have access to some special events.
 {{ :​gdevelop5:​add-special-events.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​gdevelop5:​add-special-events.png?​nolink |}}
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 ## Delete selected events ## Delete selected events
-By clicking the Delete selected events button, ​events ​selected will be removed from the sheet+By clicking the Delete selected events button, selected ​events  ​will be removed from the event sheet (you can also press Delete key):
 {{ :​gdevelop5:​delete-selected-events-button.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​gdevelop5:​delete-selected-events-button.png?​nolink |}}
 ## Undo/Redo changes ## Undo/Redo changes
-Any change can be undone or applied again with these buttons+Any change can be undone or applied again with these buttons ​(or the usual shortcuts):
 {{ :​gdevelop5:​undo-redo-buttons.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​gdevelop5:​undo-redo-buttons.png?​nolink |}}
 ## Search in events ## Search in events
-By clicking the search in events button, we can do just that, search for any expression ​in the events ​and find what we looking for+The "search in events" ​button ​opens a panel on the bottom of the screen. You can search for a specific term in the parameters of the conditions ​and actions. You can also enter a replacement parameter and replace all the occurrences of the text in the events. 
 {{ :​gdevelop5:​search-events-button.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​gdevelop5:​search-events-button.png?​nolink |}}