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 ## Effects (shaders) on layers ## Effects (shaders) on layers
-In future version of GDeveloplayers will be able to get effects applied on them. +You can add [[gdevelop5:​interface:​scene-editor:​layer-effects|effects]] that change how layer is rendered. This allow to quickly create things like a night effecta flashback/​retro atmosphere with sepia colors, etc... [[gdevelop5:interface:scene-editor:​layer-effects|Read more about effects here]].
-Vote for this feature on the roadmaphttps://​trello.com/​c/​3tjeWGuc/​94-add-support-for-choosing-the-effects-to-apply-on-layers-in-gdevelop-5+
 ## Other manipulations on layers and cameras ## Other manipulations on layers and cameras