Panel Sprite ("9 patch") object

Panel Sprite objects can be used to display a texture with repeating or stretched borders. The Panel Sprite Object is useful for constructing objects that have a dynamic size. Examples of Panel Sprite objects include things like the frame of an interface. Platforms might also use this feature.

To use the Panel Sprite, create a new object from the Objects panel/list on the right. Once you've created the object, you can set the size of the margins for each border around the object. Margins are the top, the left, the right, and the bottom.

Steps to Create a Panel Sprite

  • 1. From the “Objects” Editor list that is located on the right side of the Scene Editor, click on the plus button to create a new sprite.

  • 2. Select the “Panel Sprite” option from the list that pops up.

  • 3. Define your object's properties/parameters.