Text object

As its name suggests, a text object allows us to display text on the screen/scene.

Create a text object

First, we need to create a text object by clicking the add object button at the bottom of the Objects list. Select “Text” from the list that appears.

Change properties

Next, you want to change the properties of the text object. Right click on the newly created Text object in the Objects list on the right. Select “Edit object” from the popup list. The panel will open up the properties window.

Change text

Here you can change the text displayed by the object by simply click the text field and type something else.

Change size

You can also change the size of the text by changing the value next to the Size field.

Change color

The color of the displayed text can be changed by clicking on the palette color square located to the left of the “Bold” checkbox.

Change the font style

The style of the displayed text can be changed. You can choose from bold, italic or even choose a custom font file.

Further, text can be changed using events. Below, the text object is changed to 150px when the scene is loaded.