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Publish your game to Messenger with Facebook Instant Games

Facebook Instant games are games that you can play with your friends on Facebook Messenger.

Create an account and an app on Facebook Developers

Go to Facebook Developers and create an app:

Enter the name of your game and your contact email:

Open the basic settings of your app:

And choose Games as the category:

Fill also the other fields that are required for publishing your game. It's also on this page that you can upload the icons and enter other details of your game.

Once you're done, activate Instant Games. Click on the + button near to Products:

and choose Instant Games. Your app is now ready to have the game uploaded!

Export and upload your game

In GDevelop, open the export window. Choose Facebook Instant Games:

In the window, click on Export. After a few seconds when the export is done, click on Open Folder to see the file containing your game:

Go back to Facebook Developers and choose Web Hosting in the Instant Games menu:

Click on Upload Version button on the right and choose the file that was created by GDevelop. When the upload is done, waiting a few seconds for Facebook to process your game.

Click on the Star icon to mark the version that you've uploaded as ready for production:

It's important to do this even if you don't want to publish the game yet! If you don't have a version marked with the star as ready for production, you won't be able to test your game.

(Optional) Add testers

To let your friends or coworkers test the game, add them as testers. In the left menu, click on Roles:

Click then on Add testers button and add your friends/coworkers.