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 ===== What is Gamejolt?​===== ===== What is Gamejolt?​=====
 {{:​gdevelop5:​gamejolt-bolt-light-3x.988c6e84.png?​nolink |}} {{:​gdevelop5:​gamejolt-bolt-light-3x.988c6e84.png?​nolink |}}
-In the owner'​s own words, "[[https://​gamejolt.com/​|Game Jolt]] is a platform ​for indies—for hobbyists that were creating ​games for the love of it. Something more personal, more collaborative,​ and more indie. It is where anyone can create a game, show it off, and build an audience."+[[https://​gamejolt.com/​|Game Jolt]] is a hosting service ​for freeware and commercial video games with social functions. It is where anyone can create a game, show it off, and build an audience. ​
 ===== Building the Package===== ===== Building the Package=====
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 ===== Uploading the Game ===== ===== Uploading the Game =====
-[[https://​gamejolt.com/​join|{{:​gdevelop5:​publishing:​untitledjolt-1_copy.png |}}]] +[[https://​gamejolt.com/​join|{{:​gdevelop5:​publishing:​gamejolt_logo.png |}}]] 
-Head over to the Kongregate ​website and **Register** yourself if you haven'​t already. It should be a very easy process. You need to be a registered user for uploading your games on Kongregate+Head over to the Game Jolt website and **Register** yourself if you haven'​t already. It should be a straightforward ​process. You need to be a registered user for uploading your games on Game Jolt
-Kongregate ​supports ​three types of game packages: ''​HTML5'',​ ''​Unity ​Web''​ and ''​iFrame''​. The archive we just created is an **HTML5** package so we are going to go with that option.+Game Jolt supports ​these types of game packages ​for a browser based game: ''​HTML5'',​ ''​Flash'',​ ''​Unity'',​ ''​Java Applet''​ and ''​Silverlight''​.
-{{ :​gdevelop5:​screenshot_20190606125936_copy.png?​nolink |}} +After you have registered ​yourself, ​you can now upload and publish ​your game. Click on your Profile at the top-right corner and click on the ''​Add ​a Game''​ button
-After you have done registering ​yourself, ​we can now upload and publish ​our game. To upload ​game, head over to **Dev** section and Click **Upload Your Game**.+
-{{ :gdevelop5:4c375dd-2016-07-21_16-23-18.png?​nolink ​|}}+{{ :gdevelop5:publishing:​screenshot_20190610212011.png |}}
-In the game upload ​page,  you'​ll ​need to input basic information, like the ''​game title'',​ ''​description''​''​instructions'',​ ''​category'', ​etc.+On the next page, you will need to choose the stage of development of your game. You can change it anytime. Let's go with the **Complete/​Stable** option since we already have a ready-to-play HTML5 package for our game. 
 +{{ :​gdevelop5:​publishing:​screenshot_20190610212045.png |}} 
 +The next page requires you to fill in the details for your game like its name, URL-slug, game website, etc. 
 +You can get your desired URL by typing it into the field as long as it's available. A website can also be supplied if you have one. 
 +{{ :​gdevelop5:​publishing:​screenshot_20190610212146.png |}} 
 +Continuing to the next page, you can further edit your game details here, like a game description and banner, for example. Once you are done on this page, click on the **Packages** tab on the left sidebar. 
 +{{ :​gdevelop5:​publishing:​screenshot_20190610212729.png |}} 
 +This is the page where you will be handling your game releases. To add your first package, scroll down and click on the ''​New Release'' ​button. 
 +{{ :​gdevelop5:​publishing:​screenshot_20190610212747.png |}} 
 +Two options, namely, ''​Upload Downloadable Build'' ​and ''​Upload Browser Build'', ​will be available here. The downloadable build is for distributing executable files that can run on the system. Since you want your game to be playable in the browser, click on ''​Browse'' ​under the ''​Upload Browser Build''​ option and select the ''​ .zip''​ HTML5 package that you had created before. 
 +{{ :​gdevelop5:​publishing:​screenshot_20190610213123.png |}} 
 +After the file has uploaded successfullyyou will need to fill in the height and width specifications for your game. Click on ''​Save Build''​ once you are done here. 
 +{{ :​gdevelop5:​publishing:​screenshot_20190610213202.png |}} 
 +Your game is ready to be published. Scroll down and click on the ''​Publish Release''​ button once you have filled in all the details. Note that you can always change the details later. 
 +{{ :​gdevelop5:​publishing:​screenshot_20190610213230.png |}} 
 +Your game is now ready to be played. Click on ''​**Play**''​ to see the game in action.