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Publishing your Game to Game Jolt

What is Gamejolt?

In the owner's own words, “Game Jolt is a platform for indies—for hobbyists that were creating games for the love of it. Something more personal, more collaborative, and more indie. It is where anyone can create a game, show it off, and build an audience.”

Building the Package

First off, if you haven't built the package yet, let's go through the steps to make your game ready to be published and playable in a browser. Click the icon shown on the left. It is at the top-left corner of your screen.

A dialog box appears, where you can choose the platform for which the game is to be built. For this tutorial we are focusing on a HTML5 build where the game can be played in the browser itself. Scroll down to Advanced and choose the Local Folder option.

Make a new folder anywhere in your computer. For example, I have already created a folder named Endless Runner in my Desktop. Click Choose Folder and direct it to the folder we just created.

Making the Package Ready to Publish

Our aim is to make the game playable in the web browser in the form of a HTML5 game. In order to upload the files to the web, we must archive it in a .zip file.

To archive your game folder, you are going to need an archiving tool. There are several free options available. We will be using 7-Zip in this tutorial. Make sure you have downloaded and installed 7Zip using the link given.

Now, to archive the folder contents, select all the files inside the folder and then Right click. We should have 7-Zip in our list with an option to Add to archive. You will see a dialog box where you can tweak many options. For now, only change the Archive Format to zip. Click OK at the bottom to start the archiving process. Soon after the process is finished, you will find a .zip file according to the option chosen, which is the file we will be uploading to Game Jolt.

Folder contents need to be at the root level of the .zip file and should contain an index.html file, as it will be used when running the game in a browser.

Uploading the Game

Head over to the Game Jolt website and Register yourself if you haven't already. It should be a very easy process. You need to be a registered user for uploading your games on Game Jolt.

Game Jolt supports these types of game packages for a browser based game: HTML5, Flash, Unity, Java Applet and Silverlight. The archive we just created is an HTML5 package which is browser based.