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Publish your game to itch.io

Before we start, I would like to take the time to explain the reason why I picked Itch.io and why I recommend it.

Itch.io is the most “hobbyist friendly” among all game hosting sites and online stores on the internet in all possible ways:

  • it is completely free
  • easy to prepare the game for upload
  • no quality requirements, anything can be shared
  • SEO friendly, anything we upload can be easily find in google within days.
  • you can share downloadable games for Windows, Linux and Mac and also HTML games played in the browser
  • you can make money without need to start you own business and pay taxes, itch.io can collect the money, deal with refund requests and pay the taxes on your behalf and you can request a pay out any time.
  • you can set a fix price for your game or share it free and allow donation or the most unique one you can set the game require payment but you can let the player decide how much they want to pay.
  • revenue share is also flexible which makes itch.io the most unique, you can decide how much revenue share you want to pay to itch.io and yes you can set this value to 0 if you want and pay nothing yet itch.io still happy to host your game for free and hope if you are successful you are going to consider to pay something to them
  • no annoying ads on browser games

First let prepare our game for upload, in case of itch.io it is really simple, the only thing we need to do is get the folder containing our game and archive it in to a ZIP file. The only thing we need to watch for is the index.html file must be in the root folder and not in a sub-folder inside. The folder we used to export our game from GDevelop should be fine.

To archive our game folder, we are going to need an archiving tool. The one I'm using is called 7-Zip I have been using 7-Zip for ages, to be honest I can't even remember using anything else so this is what I recommend. After downloading and installing it, just right click on the folder containing our game and we should have 7-Zip in our list with the option to add to archive.

After selecting the add to archive option, there are many different options we can tweak, but the only one we are interested in right now is the OK button on the bottom. This will create our ZIP archive, ready to upload to itch.io

If we don't have the quick option in our list, we can launch 7-Zip, browse the folder we want to archive, select it and then click the Add button on the top And it should bring up the same window as the quick option where we need to press OK.

Next, we need to create an account at itch.io that I won't explain in detail as the steps should be no different from other places you have registered before. Once you have an itch.io account, you want to login and you want to go to your Dashboard. Here you should find a Create new project button

After clicking the button, you can setup your project, I go through only the most important options required to share your game.

  • Title: this is the title of your game, it must be unique
  • Project URL: this is the URL where you game can be found at itch.io, it is normally take the form of yourname.itch.io/your-game-name The game name in the URL can be anything, it is up to you what you going to choose
  • Classification: here you can choose what kind of content you want to upload, a game or a book maybe. we obviously want to select game here
  • Kind of project: here you can select what kind of project you want to upload, is it downloadable or a HTML or Flash game, in this case we want to choose the HTML. Later you can add downloadable files that can be purchased or downloaded for free
  • Pricing: this is where you can set if your game need to be purchased or you accept donation or you don't want any payment and if you do how much your game cost or how much donation you recommend
  • Uploads: this is the section where you can actually upload your project and you want to click on the Upload files button

Once you clicked the button, you want to browse and select the ZIP file we have created earlier and it is going to be uploaded to itch.io. Once the upload is done, you can choose from several options

You can choose if the file you have just uploaded is an executable, a book, source code or a mod, you can also set platform, price for each file you upload if you want, but the most important option for us This file will be played in the browser. By ticking the box we mark our file to be played in the browser.

Finally, you want to click on the save and view page button

After it should load a preview of the page of our game and if we did it right, our browser game should start playing. Now the only thing left, we need to set our project to be public so anyone can play it. In order to do that, click on the Edit game button on the top or go back to the Dashboard where our game should be listed now and click Edit in the list.

It should take us back to the project creation page with the option available on the bottom to set our project to be public

Select the public option and click the Save button.

Now anyone should be able to find and play our browser game on itch.io We can also share a link to the game and even embed the game in to our website if we have one.