Publish your game to Android and iOS manually using Electron and Electron Builder

From GDevelop you can publish your games to Windows, macOS and Linux. In order to export our game, click File on the top and select the Export option. You can then choose the first Windows, macOS and Linux option, which will use GDevelop online services to automatically build your game for these platforms.

If you want more control or have special needs, you can also choose Windows, macOS and Linux (manual) option. This option exports your game as an Electron project. Electron is a technology allowing HTML5 games and apps to be packaged as executables and access to the underlying system native features. Electron Builder can be used to automate the packaging and distribution.

Choose a folder

First, choose a folder where the game will be exported. It is recommended to choose an empty folder, at least for the first time, to avoid losing any file that could be overwritten by the export.

Launch export

You can then click on Export. The game will be exported to an Electron project.

You can then use Electron Builder to package your game as a Windows, macOS or Linux app.

Export to other platforms (Android, Web, Facebook Messenger...)

See the other export options to learn how to publish your game on other platforms!