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Publish your game to Windows, macOS and Linux

From GDevelop you can publish your games to Windows, macOS and even Linux. In order to export our game, click File on the top and select the Export option. Then choose the first Windows, macOS and Linux option.

Make sure that your game is ready for packaging!

First, make sure that your game is ready to be exported as an executable:

  • In the game properties (accessible from the Project Manager), make sure to enter a valid package name. A package name is an identifier like this : com.yourname.gamename. It's like the address of a website, but reversed. You can choose any package name provided that:
    • It is not used by another game or application on iOS or Android.
    • It is written with only letters, numbers and dots. Only put one dot between words (for example, com..mygame or ..mygame are not valid), and limit this identifier to a 2-5 words maximum.
  • In the game properties, enter a valid version number (like 1.0.0, 1.0.1…)
  • Check that you've set up icons.