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GDevelop을 다운로드했으면, 설치 프로그램을 열고 소프트웨어를 설치하세요.

  • Window 시스템에서, 설치 프로그램을 시작 한 후에, 실행하기 위해 데스크탑의 GDevelop 아이콘 을 이용하세요. 설치프로그램 파일(zip 파일과 같은)을 압축해제 하고 소프트웨어를 어떤 폴더에든 넣을 수 있습니다.
  • MacOS에서, DMG 파일 을 시작하고, GDevelop을 Application 으로 드래그한 다음 Application 폴더에서 GDevelop를 엽니다.
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Create a new project

To create a new project select the relevant option on the start page.

A new window will open. It presents a list of options, allowing you to choose from templates/examples or to create a blank project. The examples are showing how to use a particular feature, while templates are more advanced games that you can try, study and modify.

Selecting the blank project includes no assets, events or scenes - it's an entirely empty game.

At the bottom of the window, you can select the location where would you like to store your new project.

Once you have selected the default location for your project, click on the name of a starter template or an example to open the game.

Re-open an existing project

To re-open an existing project, select the relevant option on the start page.

Next, browse your local file system to open a project. GDevelop 5 project files are normally saved as “.json” files. Find it in the file menu that opens and select it to open the game.

The icon for this file depends on whether or not you have any default application installed on your computer to edit “.json” files.

By default, the locations of the saved game.json files are:
  • Windows: C:/Users/YourUserName/GDevelop Projects,
  • macOS and Linux: GDevelop Projects directory in your home folder.

Once you have the project open, you will be presented with the Gdevelop editors. Just as you've seen when you created a game for the first time.

Note: GDevelop 4 users, you can learn here how to save your project to open it with GDevelop 5.

Next step: start with tutorials

Continue reading the basic concepts to know how to use Gdevelop.

The tutorials, along with the documentation, are the best ways to learn. It is highly recommended that you read and follow a tutorial!

Learn more about GDevelop

For further information on how to use GDevelop, visit the following pages where everything is explained in more detail:


Be sure to check all examples bundled with GDevelop! They are a good way to learn about the different capabilities of the software.