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GDevelop 4 Wiki

GDevelop is an open source game creation software. It’s intuitive interface empowers anyone to create the game without going into the coding part. Using HTML5 and native game creator, building games is literally a piece of cake.

You don’t need a programming knowledge to design a game using GDevelop. We take care of the background coding while you take care of what’s important - developing interactive games. With GDevelop, you can develop games within weeks, even days. If you do not have GDevelop, download it now.

Being a cross platform game creator, you can publish your game anywhere. Be it - Android, iOS, MAC and HTML5. You can check here.

This Wiki is here to teach you about the software and provide tutorials on how to use it. You are always welcome to contribute!

Tutorials and videos

Learn how to use GDevelop 4 with the tutorials.

Full documentation

Read GDevelop 4 documentation for a complete reference.

If you're using GDevelop 5, a new documentation is available here: GDevelop 5 Wiki

Wiki in other languages

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Just create an account on the wiki and use the top menu to create or edit a page. You can also help to translate GDevelop and its website.