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-FIXME **This page is not fully translated, yet. Please help completing the translation.**\\ //(remove this paragraph once the translation is finished)// 
 # 入门 # 入门
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 当您下载完成之后,请进行安装,之后点击桌面上的GDevelop图标启动该应用程序。 当您下载完成之后,请进行安装,之后点击桌面上的GDevelop图标启动该应用程序。
 {{ :gdevelop5:start_page.png?nolink |}} {{ :gdevelop5:start_page.png?nolink |}}
-==== Open existing project ====+==== 打开已有工程 ====
-To open an existing project, select the relevant option on the start page. +要打开已有工程,请在启动页选择对应选项。
-Next you need to browse your local file system to open a project. GDevelop 5 project files are normally saved as "game.json" file. Find it, and select it to open. +接下来您需要浏览本地文件系统来打开一个工程。GDevelop 5工程通常保存为“game.json”文件。找到并选择该文件来打开整个工程。 
-{{ :gdevelop5:project-file.png?nolink&200 |}}+{{ :gdevelop5:project-file.png?nolink&200 |}}
-The icon of this file is depends on whether you have any default application installed on your computer to edit such file.+此文件的图标显示将取决于您是否在计算机上安装了应用程序来默认打开它。
-<note>By default, the locations of the saved game.json files are: +<note>game.json将默认保存在: 
-  * Windows: C:/Users/YourUserName/GDevelop Projects, +  * Windows: C:/Users/您的用户名/GDevelop Projects 
-  * macOS and Linux: GDevelop Projects directory in your home folder.+  * macOS and Linux: 您个人文件夹下的GDevelop Projects目录
 </note> </note>
-Once you have the project open you should be presented with the editor but we come back to it later, first let see how to create a new project. +一旦您打开了工程,编辑器就将显示出来。不过我们会稍后讲解,接下来我们看看如何创建新工程。
-**Note:** GDevelop 4 users, you can [[gdevelop5:getting_started:open-gdevelop-4-project|learn here how to save your project to open it with GDevelop 5]].+**注意:** GDevelop 4用户,您可以[[gdevelop5:getting_started:open-gdevelop-4-project|在这里学习如何保存工程并在GDevelop 5中打开]]
-==== Create a new project ==== +==== 创建新工程 ==== 
-To create a new project select the relevant option on the start page +要创建新工程,请在启动页选择对应选项。 
-In the next window you can choose from templates or create a blank project. A template is already including some assets and events to get you started, the blank project including nothing so you need to start from scratch.+ 
 {{ :gdevelop5:create-new-project-window.png?nolink |}} {{ :gdevelop5:create-new-project-window.png?nolink |}}
-Since the purpose of this page is to get you started with using GDevelop, let create a blank project. +由于本页的目的是教导您开始使用GDevelop,这里让我们来创建空白工程。 
-First, select the location where would you like to store your new project. As you may notice a default location is already set for you on the bottom of this page.+ 
 {{ :gdevelop5:project-default-location.png?nolink |}} {{ :gdevelop5:project-default-location.png?nolink |}}
-If you would like to select a different location, click on the choose folder button next to it:+如果您想要选择其他的路径,请点击路径框旁边的Choose Folder(选择目录)按钮:
 {{ :gdevelop5:choose-folder-button.png?nolink |}} {{ :gdevelop5:choose-folder-button.png?nolink |}}
-Next, browse the file system on your computer to select a folder to store your project inside. +下一步,在您本地的文件系统中浏览并选择工程保存路径。
-Once you selected or decided to stick with the default location, just click the Empty game button to create a blank project.+当您选择或者决定使用默认路径时,请直接点击Empty game(空白游戏)按钮来创建空白工程。
 {{ :gdevelop5:empty-game-button.png?nolink |}} {{ :gdevelop5:empty-game-button.png?nolink |}}
-Next you should see the editor either created a blank project or selected a template.+接下来无论您创建了空白工程,或者选择了模板,都将看到编辑器。
-==== Learn more ====+==== 更多 ====
-For further information on how to use GDevelop, I recommend to visit the following pages where everything is explained in more detail: +有关如何使用GDevelop的进一步信息,我建议您访问如下页面,其中更详细的解释了所有内容: 
-  * [[gdevelop5:interface|]] +  * [[gdevelop5:interface|GDevelop界面]] 
-  * [[gdevelop5:objects|]] +  * [[gdevelop5:objects|GDevelop对象]] 
-  * [[gdevelop5:behaviors|]]+  * [[gdevelop5:behaviors|GDevelop 行为]]
-==== Tutorials ====+==== 教程 ====
-You can also find tutorials on the wiki: +您也可以在本百科上找到教程: 
-  * [[gdevelop5:tutorials|]]+  * [[gdevelop5:tutorials|GDevelop 教程]]
-==== Examples ====+==== 示例 ====
-You can find various examples and templates here to get you started with making your own games from scratch:+您可以在这里找到各种例子和模板,让您从零开始制作自己的游戏:
   * [[https://gametemplates.itch.io/|gametemplates.itch.io]]   * [[https://gametemplates.itch.io/|gametemplates.itch.io]]